Contentual2 - The Future awaits / Julian Schakal // 15.5. - 29.5.

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Contentual2 - The Future awaits (2024)

Technologies Of The Mind

The human mind is shaped by technology; although its creator speaks its creation. We put the human at the center. Because we have limbs, we have this false notion that we are the center looking out. Everything around you is viewed as external. These dots on the outside represent things like trees, mountains, horizons, clouds, buildings; wherever you are in the game. But the dots can also represent people. But they are always viewed as part of nature. That's why it's represented by a cycle. Like nature, the surroundings are experienced in cycles. The stylization is used to make the principle more memorable. Understanding that the tribe around you is also cyclical should drive the point home that you too are a cyclical being. You are not separate; you are a speaking object. So then, the world, the planet, the tribe is described by a circle. We have never seen the earth from outside, but we have seen images, and even if you are a flat-earther, from above it seems like a circle. We can imagine another perspective, in which we are part of a network, a circle, a cycle. So, how can we connect or reconnect with that world? How do we connect the dots? In description, and not prescription, it seems we are doing that through electricity. Everyone is connected, or rather can be connected, and wherever you are, I think people want to create more electricity around you by any means. We value electricity because we run on it. Our brains run on electricity. And what do we do with it? We build roads, maps, and networks, like the ones in our brains. If you still think we have free will, please challenge me. We recreate the patterns in the brain. So, people ask, how does the brain work? Well, it works, of course, cyclically. Reinterpreting everything around you. Always reframing. Like a dance…

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