Elburuz Fidan has finished his art studies in HFBK Hamburg in the sculpture class by Martin Boyce. He is an installation artist. Currently, he is an artistic PhD candidate in the HfK Bremen. His research theme concentrated on Queering and the Archive. In their practice, scalable things are participating in varying economies and redefine the daily experiences and values. Elburuz’s formulation of fragments allows us to leave binary systems of thoughts. Their practice invites the collective knowledge and making; claims the present for Queers in an inclusionary way of thought. In their practice, they try to avoid infinite oppositions of structures and obsessive movement between those antagonist indications. Diasporic Subject, zombies, violence, colonial goods, language, agriculture, other kinships, imaginary places are being reconstructed through their installations. Moreover, Elburuz is a proud Zombie and Prof. Migrant.

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